10 Things I Did Today

Thursday, June 30, 2005

T.P., Bubble Yum, and Hot Dogs

1. Caught a gay co-worker cleaning the mens room with a wad of T.P
2. Got the piss kicked out of me by a 50yr old man
3. Stuck a wad of Grape Bubble Yum in my sisters ear
4. Got most of the gum in her hair
5. Bit a cat
6. Sneezed on an old ladies neck
7. Was entertained for 30 minutes by a paperclip
8. Blew up a hot dog in my microwave
9. Smacked the shit out of a orangutan …..ok so it was just a guy that looked like an orangutan..I still smacked the fuck out of him
10. Got my hand caught in a copy machine

Fart Flavor of the Day: Hot chocolate and dead moose


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