10 Things I Did Today

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Scooby Snacks, Windex and Burritos

1. Ate Scooby Snacks cereal for breakfast
2. Told a complete strange I loved him
3. K.O.ed my best friends brother
4. Sprayed Windex in my cousins face
5. Got someone else’s puke on my shirt
6. Was suckered into the great blogger swap of 2005…thanks Mike
7. Got chin checked by a 3 year old little girl…3 year olds can hit fuckin hard
8. Asked for a bite of my sisters burrito and ate half of it in one bite
9. Got the rest of the burrito thrown at my face
10. Ate the rest of the burrito…it was delicious

Fart Flavor of the Day: Mocha and string beans


Following in Grace's footsteps I will be offering a prize for whoever is my 10,000th hit. Simply email me a screen shot and in return I will send you super sweet pic of me (which is a pretty shitty prize) or a naked pic of my x girlfriend.

Good luck


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